Extreme Personality Shifts: Does Your Spouse Need Help? | hitched

How do you know if your spouse is acting out or has a more serious condition? Ann Smith, the executive director of Breakthrough at Caron, tackles this difficult question.  She knows that major personality shifts aren’t something most are prepared for.  Whether it is bipolar disorder, addiction or a personality disorder, there are options for dealing with noticeable and drastic shifts in your relationship and/or spouse’s behavior and mental health.    It is important to take action and even if the person in question isn’t willing to get help, it is important that you get help for yourself.   Help can take many forms and Ann outlines some options including counseling, Al-Anon and others.    The Caron program, Breakthrough, is a five and a half day residential group therapy program designed to help adults shift destructive life patterns, improve relationships and foster personal growth.

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