Resolve to a Healthier You – One Decision at a Time – This New Year

The One Decision at a Time Resolution

Are you one of the millions of people finalizing your new year’s resolutions today? According to a recent study, nearly half of resolutions are about self-improvement; staying healthy is one the most common New Year’s resolutions. However, only 8% of people who make them actually keep their resolutions. Worse yet, most resolvers abandon ship within the first six months.

Here’s the problem — whether the resolution is to drink less, eat less, smoke less, do fewer drugs, or quit anything, there is a huge chance of perceived failure. Once the “do less” resolution is broken, so is the spirit, and the result can be the exact opposite of the resolution. A new year full of drinking more, eating more, smoking more, or doing more drugs may ensue.

Rather than saying “why bother?” – try this – The One Decision at a Time Resolution. Instead of making a finite new year resolution on January 1, how about making an ongoing commitment to an overall lifestyle change? This doesn’t have to start at 12:01am either – it can start right now! Those who make a commitment to themselves are positioned to radically change the course of their lives — for the better.

Resolve yourself – one decision at a time – to get healthy and strong – physically, mentally and emotionally. The “how” may seem like the hard part, but it all starts with a commitment to yourself – on a daily basis.  Do you want to feel better? Do you know that something needs to change to achieve that end? Are you committed to trying new things in order to feel healthier? If you said yes, then read on. You have made your commitment!

Now, start with this … Simply ask yourself this question many times throughout your day — especially when faced with ANY situation:
“How will this decision contribute to my health?”

Then, think about if your possible decision will contribute positively or negatively. If it will contribute positively, then you can move ahead knowing that you are taking one small step toward achieving your healthy lifestyle. If it will contribute negatively then you are faced with another choice — how badly do you want a healthy lifestyle? If you are committed – like you agreed to earlier in this post – then you want it pretty badly and will need to remind yourself of that. Think about what decision would be the healthier one, and choose that route. You will be glad you did.

Repeat after me: “How will this decision contribute to my health?” Say it as often as you can and follow up with the positive decisions.

Living a healthy life ups your odds of having many more new years to celebrate. Rather than waiting until midnight on new year’s eve — start right now. Is what you are about to do next going to contribute to your life positively? If yes, then go for it. Ask it all day, every day … Is that donut / cigarette / shot / pill going to contribute to your life positively? Then you decide how it will impact your daily commitment to health.

The best part of One Decision at a Time Resolutions is that if you make a decision that you regret (and chances are you will because no one is perfect), there’s no need to wait until next new year’s day to start over — simply start over with the next decision. Don’t get down on yourself. The good thing about decisions is that there is always another one a minute away. Start the tally now by seeing how many positive, healthy decisions you can make in a row. Resolve to a healthier you this new year – one decision at a time.

Live healthy and prosper — and happy new year!

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