So Grateful for My Depression, I Could Cry

Post by Michael Plahn

Recently, I was asked by the founder of a phenomenal website, developed specifically to benefit attorneys, to briefly explain my personal experience with overcoming mental illness and addiction.  I explained how my seemingly hopeless battle led to the birth of LifeSkills Authorities and the approach I believe is necessary to find long-term relief from addiction and Depressive Disorders.  As a result, my story and the LSA philosophy of change is a featured resource on the Lawyers With Depression homepage for the month of January.

Not long ago, my anger and cynicism would build over an article linking gratitude and depression, if I were not in too much pain and despair to actually care. I may even prepare a nasty response. Then I found what I believe is the solution to lasting change and relief from such issues as depressive disorders.

For well over a decade, chronic major depressive disorder, as I was labeled, eliminated my ability to experience joy in what appeared an idyllic life … on the outside.  On my darkest days I hoped a bus would veer off course to end my misery.  I suffered from severe bouts of depression that increased in frequency and duration.

Then, something happened that stopped the suffering. I experienced a profound change and insatiable quest for a solution to permanently prevent the pain.  I researched, explored, and implemented a variety of life improvement strategies.  My life has since focused on helping others, who share the same struggles that tormented me for decades, to find long-term relief, joy, peace, and a sense of purpose for their lives.

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Gratitude? There’s an App for that!

Post by Sarah Wilde

The feeling of sincere gratitude is believed by many in the recovery community to be a strong defense against relapse into alcohol or drug abuse.  An “attitude of gratitude” is coined for someone who has a good sense of what is important in life and the ability to remain grateful for the fundamentals, sometimes as basic as just another day sober.  Being grateful for many little meaningful things over time can be like insurance to overpower the negative impact that could result when life throws a challenging curve ball your way.

Thanks to technology and the iPhone, being grateful just became even easier to prioritize.   With Gratitude! Journal Positive Thoughts, available in the Apple App Store, you can track the five things you’re grateful for daily.   For 99 cents you can keep a running tab on how much you have to be grateful for and boost your mood in the meantime.  This might come in particularly handy on those days when life seems a little tougher.  Oprah Winfrey said it herself, “the gratitude journal truly changed my life.”

Now the next time someone holds the elevator for you, lets you in front of them in traffic, or the coffee you spill misses your lap, fire up that iPhone.  When you wake up with a clear head, take a walk and breathe in fresh air, the sun shines on your day off, or you get to see the smile of someone special, go ahead and make a note of it the instant it happens.  You might be surprised how many little areas of gratitude can add up by the end of the day if you’re tracking them.   Keep adding to the list and make being grateful a priority, because as another saying goes, “a grateful alcoholic doesn’t drink.”

Note:  LifeSkills Authorities is not affiliated in any way with the Gratitude! App or its developers.  We just think it is really cool.

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