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LSA Recovery Team

LifeSkills Authorities' approach to long-term and lasting recovery incorporates very comprehensive solutions.  We recognize and appreciate the committment and dedication needed to complete Primary Treatment and Extended Care (if recommended) programs.  Many can do very well in stable and safe settings created by their treatment facility.  However, it must be noted that countless numbers of afflicted individuals complete Residential and Outpatient Treatment programs with the intent to stay abstinent and continue to make positive changes.  The reality is the majority of them struggle upon returing home, for a variety of factors, and this leads to relapse, and even death. That is the unfortunate reality.

At LSA, we are focused on changing the horrific reality that exists...struggle, misery, broken families, and death due to relapse.  We recognize that true recovery must involve a postive acclimation to a life outside of the hospital or treatment setting.  LSA has developed a very unique and comprehensive solution to help addicted and/or mentally-ill individuals who sincerely want long-term recovery to become their reality.  As detailed in the LSA Recovery Coaching Advantage, our 52-week customized program contains a variety of key factors that will help afflicted clients not just stay abstinent, but thrive in the "Real World."

We believe that, to truly recover, a multi-disciplinary team approach targeting many areas of the clients' life and operating in the "Real World", with completely open transparent communication is a key component to foster change and create long-term recovery.  This is not a controvesial!  But, for whatever reason, nobody has created a Recovery Coaching program with the detail needed to create lasting recovery until now. LSA's Recovery Care Coaching and Executive Recovery Coaching allow afflicted clients to return to their home, career, and life outside of the treatment setting with an extraordinary level of support.  That high level of support is created by assembling a customized LSA Recovery Team and is one of the reasons a Fortune 100 Senior Executive calls our program, "A guardian angel for anyone suffering from addiction or related issues."  

Following are examples of some of the types of professionals/specialists who work together as LSA RECOVERY TEAM MEMBERS:

   (The LSA Recovery Team can be replicated throughout the United States and possibly, Internationally)

  • Psychotherapist, Counselor, or Psychologist (specializing in different proven therapeutic approaches and orientations, who understand addiction, trauma, and the healing process)
  • Psychiatrist (familiar/specializing in treating addiciton if appropriate)
  • Addictionologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Metabolic Typing Professional
  • Personal Chef (with completely customizable programs)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Financial Coach/Wealth Coach
  • Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction Specialist (MBSR)
  • Biofeedback Specialist
  • Accupuncturist and/or Other Complementary Therapy Specialists
  • Massage Therapist

*The client must sign a formal release for each member of the Recovery Team to allow reciprocal communication with and about the client


The Following are some LSA Recovery Team Professionals in Chicagoland (contact us for a full listing)



The Awakening Center

Ann Cusack, PsyD., CADC

Insideout Living, Inc.
Psychotherapists, Family Therapy Intensives

The Insight Center, P.C.

Therapeutic Workshops, Family Therapy Intensives

Robert M. Adams, LCSW

Ramsen Kasha, MS, LCPC, CADC

Rebecca Myhr, JD, MA

Leslie Karen Sann, MA, LCPC
Psychotherapist (specializing in Spiritual Psychology), Coach

Mike Sullivan, MA, CADC


Jamie Minucciani
Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer

Paragon Chef
Personal Chef Service

Robert Yang
Certified Nutritionist, Corrective Exercise Expert, & CHEK Level IV, HLC II


Kim Bishop
Certified Personal Trainer

Robb Bishop
Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Forrest Folsom
Certified Personal Trainer

Kristin Hoddy
Certified Personal Trainer

Adam Levy
Certified Personal Trainer

Jamie Minucciani
Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist

Marcus Warren
Certified Personal Trainer

Robert Yang
Corrective Exercise Expert, & CHEK Level IV, HLC II, Certified Nutritionist



Dr. Maynard Brusman
Consulting Psychologist, Executive / Career Coach

Leslie Karen Sann, MA, LCPC
Coach, Psychologist (specializing in Spiritual Psychology)



Charles D. Miller, JD, CFP, CLU
Financial Coach & Estate Planner

Mark E. Cieslak, CPA/PFS
Investment & Abundance Coach


Complementary Therapies

Healing Junction
Accupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kelly Maher
Accupuncture, Chinese Herbology

Eugenie Pabst, PsyD.
Psychologist, Biofeedback Specialist


Business Administration

Sarah Wilde, MBA 
Marketing & Business Development





"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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