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What is a Family Meeting?

A Family Meeting, if planned for and executed properly, can be an amazing life-changing process for all involved. At LifeSkills Authorities, LLC., due to common misconceptions about interventions, we prefer to use the term Family Meeting when describing such a process.  Additionally, our experience has led us to believe strongly that a Family Meeting is just one piece of what a comprehensive solution should be for families, businesses, and afflicted individuals.  Through the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution (PTS) a concerned family member, friend, or employer is able to offer appropriate solutions to someone struggling with Addiction, Depression and Mood Disorders, Chronic Pain or Illness, and Aging Issues (and anyone participating in the process).

PRIOR TO THE FAMILY MEETING:  Upon engagement, a LSA specialist begins reducing pressure and frustration for the concerned client.  LSA guides the client through a systematic process that will allow the afflicted person to accept help in a dignified manner by "raising their bottom and providing realistic solutions."  LSA is acutely aware of the numerous details and extensive planning that must take place prior to the initial Family Meeting to ensure proper execution. 

The goal of the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution is to provide appropriate solutions for the entire family (not just the afflicted loved one), while guiding and supporting you (the client) throughout the entire process. Part of this process is acquiring a comprehensive case history from a concerned caller (typically the client), planning for possible solutions for the entire family (again, not just the afflicted individual), reviewing treatment options (levels, types, and actual facilities and professionals), and liaising with these programs and professionals to make sure our client is properly prepared for their Family Meeting. 

LSA's approach is also open and invitational.  The idea of an open and dignified process actually scares most clients initially, and more often than not, we hear responses like "If we tell them about it they will never come to a meeting like that."  Experience with the model is much different.  The transparency eliminates secrets and offers respect that is typically embraced. 

AT THE ACTUAL FAMILY MEETINGLSA assembles a complete picture of the situation (first with the client's initial information and then with the concensus of the loved ones in attendance at the Family Meeting).  If the issues raised by the concerned caller (considered the LSA client) are verified, LSA will have appropriate solutions prepared and will present them to the entire family.  Even if new information is gathered during the Family Meeting process, LSA mobilizes to effectively and appropriately find agreed upon solutions and next steps. Appropriate next steps can be different for each person, but the key is that they are appropriate for the individual, the family, and the presenting symptoms.  LSA will also have solutions available for the entire family, couples, and individuals (where applicable) in attendance at the meeting. 

Since the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution is a transparent and open process, it is not uncommon for the afflicted person to arrive at the Family Meeting with a willingness to address their untreated issue(s)...and their bags packed.  Whenever it happens, once the afflicted person asks for help, he/she reviews the options that have been coordinated and recommended by LSA (and reviewed by the concerned family member/client) and selects their desired option.  Each Family Meeting participant is then asked to select a desired solution presented by LSA to address concerns specific to him or her.  This is the beginning of the entire family beginning to heal as a unit.

AFTER THE AFFLICTED LOVED-ONE ACCEPTS HELP:  Your LSA Specialist assists the family to make sure all requirements have been met for admission to the desired facility (if applicable).  LSA finalizes all travel arrangements and a car is waiting for the next step.  The LSA Specialist then accompanies your loved one for the entire trip to the selected facility.  This is a tremendous opportunity to forge a strong bond with the afflicted person and prepare them for the treatment process.  Upon arrival at the treatment facility, LSA is present in all initial intake sessions.  After complete, the LSA Specialist checks into a nearby hotel.  The following day the LSA Specialist meets with your loved to ensure a positive acclimation and address any issues with staff if needed.  Lastly, LSA follows up with the primary family contact (client) and other family members to encourage follow-through with commitments made during the Family Meeting

LSA's Pre-Treatment Solution is NOT just an intervention, it is a TOTAL SOLUTION that will provide you and your family with the blueprint for long-term success.  For years, it has been apparent that incomplete approaches are being used because there is not a better option.  Families desperately need a complete solution when attempting to deal with these issues.  The LSA approach is an all-encompassing solution through a single point of contact.  It is our belief and the hope of many others, that one day soon, the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution will be considered the Gold Standard for helping individuals, families, and businesses begin the treatment process. Contact LSA now, the firm called "A guardian angel for anyone suffering from addiction, depression, and related issues."


"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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