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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About The LSA Pre-Treatment Solution


My loved-one is struggling with Addiction, Depression, and/or Chronic Pain...what should I do?
The answer to this question varies depending on whom you ask.  For some, this may mean having ‘a responsible family member’ or a group of concerned individuals confront the person and ask them to get help.  To others, this could mean asking a friend, in recovery themselves, to speak with the afflicted family member.  For many, this means calling the family physician, the local hospital, or a therapist.  However, most helping professionals do not even know who to call for a comprehensive solution.  Thus, for most families this process is usually disjointed, frustrating, and confusing.  As you can expect, it can also be unsuccessful unless they are fortunate enough to find the comprehensive answer offered in The LSA Pre-Treatment Solution.  LSA has been called, “A Guardian Angel for someone suffering from addiction, depression, and related issues” by a Fortune 100 firm's senior executive.


Why do so many efforts to treat Addiction fail?
The reality is that many well-intentioned people rely on unsuccessful treatment approaches.  Frankly, this fact is sad, but most families seeking help for a loved one struggling with addiction are oblivious that the approaches commonly used today are flawed.  Addiction is a debilitating chronic disorder that cannot be effectively treated by an acute treatment model alone.  What this means is that a 30-90 day treatment program is the beginning to recovery.  An addicted individual is not "fixed" or treated after completing a treatment program, they need a long-term comprehensive approach.  


So what is the answer to treat Addiction and/or Co-Occurring Mood Disorders?                                                                  Addiction (let alone addiction and a Co-Occurring Mood Disorder) requires an integrated long-term strategy for a successful treatment outcome.  Without this, frustration mounts, the recovery process becomes compromised, and tragedy can become your unfortunate reality.  As mentioned above, sadly, many individuals (even professionals in the helping professions) so not understand that an acute approach does NOT work when dealing with chronic disorders.  For this very reason, LSA offers The LSA Pre-Treatment Solution and LSA Recovery Coaching programs in our Executive Care and Transformative Care programs.  These comprehensive programs along with an appropriate stabilization & treatment combine to form THE approach to reach long-term recovery and change for the afflicted individual and their family.  So, armed with this information, the question then becomes, how could you not follow LSA's comprehensive path?


Why do I need to hire a qualified professional?
Unfortunately, most families who have never dealt with Addiction, Depression or Mood Disorders, Chronic Pain/Illness, or Aging Issues, mean well, but naively believe they will be successful with a logical or compassionate plan to get their loved one to accept help. Even families who have had repeated unsuccessful quasi-interventions believe that with the right leverage and coercion their sick family member will accept help this time.  Experience has shown that without an objective professional, regardless of the plan and intentions, powerful negative emotions end up taking over the process and disintegrate the effort, and sometimes the family.  Working with an objective professional from LifeSkills Authorities eliminates this risk.  The LSA Specialist replaces fear with hope, as a personal advocate for the client (concerned family, friend, or group) and utilizes a systematic process that enables the afflicted individual accept help in a willing and dignified manner.  The LSA Pre-Treatment Solution offers much more than just solutions for the afflicted person.  LSA also provides comprehensive solutions for the entire family system (such as customized Family therapy Intensives), couples, and individuals (if applicable).  Why is this so important?  This is a key factor in helping an afflicted person heal and grow, while also helping all those affected find a path to long-term solutions and change.


What makes The LSA Pre-Treatment Solution unique?
After a formal agreement is in place, we mobilize and take the extreme pressure off of our client(s).  When working with LSA, there is no secrecy, as we operate in an open and respectful manner.  LSA consults with, and advocates for, our clients to assist them in reviewing a variety of resources that are critical, to healing the entire system, not just the afflicted person.  We then assist with the selection of appropriate types, levels and actual treatment facilities to be offered to the afflicted individual (and help pare it down to 2-3 viable options).  LSA also assembles potential solutions for all affected family members.

After exhaustive attention is paid to assemble an extraordinary level of details, LSA facilitates the initial Family Meeting (an empowering, loving, and respect-filled Intervention) to address concerns and discuss solutions for all in attendance.*  LSA helps to coordinate all transportation (through a seasoned travel veteran) to alleviate additional stress for the client and family.  The LSA Specialist (who will be the same person throughout the entire LSA Pre-Treatment process), accompanies the person accepting help to the selected treatment facility.  If needed, security and/or medical personnel will be hired to make sure everyone is safe and the process goes smoothly. Traveling with the LSA Specialist affords an opportunity for LSA to build a strong rapport and bond with your loved one, while preparing them for the treatment process.  This aspect of the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution has received high praise from both clients, their family members, and treatment providers.

Upon arrival at the treatment facility, LSA participates in the intake process.  We stay at a nearby hotel to check on the patient (afflicted person) the following day and make sure the treatment process begins smoothly.  In some cases, this "check-in" can be extremely valuable and even the difference in a treatment outcome.  Some clients and their families have stated that a significant piece of the healing process for their loved-one began when their LSA specialist traveled to the treatment facility, openly shared their personal struggles and how they too have overcome debilitating and life-threatening addiction and depression.  This crucial piece of the solution builds rapport with afflicted individual, creates a bond, and establishes trust for the recovery process.  Thereby, instilling hope that they too can overcome these struggles.  Again, THIS IS A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION, NOT JUST AN INTERVENTION.


Is LSA the right solution for my family and me / company / loved ones?
LSA services cater to families and businesses that desire a thorough, attentive, and effective solution for the entire system to begin recovery from a chronic struggle (not just "get someone into a treatment program").  The LSA approach allows us to be more intensive and present as we accompany the afflicted person as they embark upon their journey to recovery (where this may not be possible with other professionals, due to the nature of their practices).  We feel very strongly and have seen firsthand how this high-level of detail, planning, and personal attention, along with personalized accompaniment to the treatment facility (and staying the extra day near the treatment facility) can make a huge difference in the treatment process.  If you are looking for someone to strong-arm your loved one into a program and are not interested in addressing the issue from a comprehensive lens, then LSA is not the right firm for you and your family.  However, if you are looking for a complete and lasting solution, please do not waste another second, call or contact us now.   

*:  Based on the presenting issues, history, previous psychiatric treatment, complete needs assessment, and financial viability supplied by the client.

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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