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Coaching Services

Currently, LifeSkills Authorities' coaching focus is aligned to meet the needs of our clientele who have been affected by : Addiction, Depression and Mood Disorders, Chronic Pain or Illness, and Aging Issues.  LSA founder and Program Director, Michael Plahn is still involved in every case.  Mr. Plahn is currently able to accept new clients for the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution and LSA Recovery Coaching programs.  As the creator of both cutting-edge approaches that have garnered national attention, Michael is well-versed in what is needed to create success with his clients.  Mr. Plahn has extensive experience and training in the fields of business, psychology, personal coaching, executive coaching, health, wellness, and strategies that create lasting change.  To learn more about the extraordinary change Michael has created and experienced in his own life, click here.

(If you are interested in a 12-month Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program that you may have heard about from a previous client Michael may have worked with, please contact us as we would be happy to connect you with an appropriate coach based on your needs and goals). 

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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