My Story    by Michael Plahn

MeI am not someone who has always been fit (as you can clearly see in my picture here six years ago!).  On the contrary, if you knew me in college and my career after college, you would have found one of the unhealthiest individuals around.  I was focused on making money and my career because I thought that would provide me with security and ultimately make me happy.  My health and my relationships with others took a backseat to my drive for material success.  I often thought about getting in better shape and making healthier choices, but found it seemingly impossible to take consistent actions. I began to think it just wasn’t possible for me to change.  However, something quite different occurred.

At 29 years old, I was a co-owner of a multi-million dollar business with record growth since I had taken over management of the company.  I had a beautiful home in an affluent suburb of Chicago and many perks of a successful business. The 80-100 hour work weeks seemed well worth the sacrifice of my family, friends, and my health.  I smoked three packs of cigarettes per day, I drank and ate obsessively to cope with stress, and basically I was a wreck.  Yet, I was poised to attain my goal of an early retirement and it seemed almost in reach.  However, something strange happened.  I became unsatisfied with my business successes and started to have health problems that the many doctors I visited could not solve.  Next, I began to have bouts of anxiety and depression and could not understand how to get out of the hole that I was in. My work began to suffer tremendously and I began to have problems sleeping.  This brought me to a point where I was forced to reexamine my life and my priorities.  It was in the summer of 2001 that I had an epiphany.  I needed to change my ways and the focus of my life or I was going to die.  Or yet worse, live a disillusioned and unsatisfied life.  Through the help of key mentors in my life, I made some major changes.  I resigned from the business, put my home up for sale, began making my health and fitness a major priority in my life, and embarked upon a new path.

Shortly after, I became astounded at how much better I felt and many people commented that I looked and seemed like a new person.  Actually I was a new person.  I became fit, happy, and at peace.  I developed a passion for learning about helping others make difficult changes to find true health and happiness. I have spent the subsequent years studying and experimenting with the change process, and learning from the experts in psychology, personal and executive coaching, fitness, nutrition, and holistic health.  I have also helped many others see their opportunities and encouraged them to take actions that have produced lasting change and increased fulfillment in their lives. Contact me to see how I may be able to help you make changes that could transform your life.  

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